Difficult Golf Swing

Why is the golf swing so difficult?  Because it is a dynamic movement involving linear motion as well as rotation while maintaining balance and spine angle.  This motion begins with a controlled movement of the hip and pelvis.  The trunk and lower back are rotating, while they are also side bending in the same direction.  The […]

Getting Out of Shape

How long does it take to get out of shape?  It depends. Generally speaking, it takes longer than you might think.  For someone who works out two to three times a week, it takes two to four weeks of inactivity for there to be a notable change in your conditioning. Regardless of your fitness level […]

Diabetes/Heart Disease

Diabetes and obesity are factors related to heart disease.  Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes your body to use insulin ineffectively. This results in your body being unable to convert all of the glucose or sugar from the food you eat into energy. As a result, this excess glucose coats your blood vessels, damaging […]

Common Minor Neck Pain

Neck pain usually involves the muscles of the neck.  A spasm or strain can be the cause of pain. Here are some activities that can influence neck pain: Forward head posture:  Holding your head in a forward position while watching TV, reading, working, or using your computer Sleeping posture:  Sleeping on a pillow that is […]

Ankle Function

Most think the main movement of the ankle is rocking up and down,  actually there is a twisting component involved.  As the foot reaches mid-stance, it becomes stable on the ground in a normal foot.  The Tibia, which is the leg bone, will rotate because of the bone orientation between the tibia and femur at […]


Good flexibility can reduce the risk of injury not only in sports, but also on an everyday basis.  A short muscle is more likely to become injured. A short muscle can also lead to an altered posture and create stress to your joints and your back and your neck.   What influences the amount of mobility […]

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease is the deterioration of the shock absorber found between the vertebral bodies in our spine, the Intervertebral Disc.  As the disc degenerates, The space between the joints decrease and stability is lost. Back pain is chronic and occasionally some leg pain can be present.  However, the pain in a Degenerative Disc issue […]

Curves of the Back

Some curves of the back are good.  Some are not. It depends on the direction of the curve in relation to the spinal column.  When the spine curves to the side this is abnormal and is sometimes referred to as Scoliosis.  When the curves relate to the spine curving front to back this the natural […]


A fall is defined as unintentionally coming to rest on the ground, floor or other lower level from a standing, sitting or horizontal position.  Sometimes, it is difficult getting someone to admit to a fall because they may feel they will lose control or it will be a sign of getting old.  Falls are the […]

Falling, Balance and Physical Therapy

Falling is a common problem amongst the elderly, and it can result in serious injury. It is estimated that one in every three adults aged 65 and older suffers from a fall every year. Fall related injuries range from hip fractures to head trauma. After a fall, patients experience a significant loss of confidence and […]