Good flexibility can reduce the risk of injury not only in sports, but also on an everyday basis.  A short muscle is more likely to become injured. A short muscle can also lead to an altered posture and create stress to your joints and your back and your neck.   What influences the amount of mobility […]

Aerobic Exercise

Continuous exercise that raises your heart rate (the number of times your heart beats per minute) to a level appropriate for your age and maintained for at least 20 minutes is called Aerobic Exercise. During this type of exercise you do not stop the activity for periods of time which would allow your heart rate […]

Falling, Balance and Physical Therapy

Falling is a common problem amongst the elderly, and it can result in serious injury. It is estimated that one in every three adults aged 65 and older suffers from a fall every year. Fall related injuries range from hip fractures to head trauma. After a fall, patients experience a significant loss of confidence and […]

Ankle Inversion Sprain

The ankle joint is a multi-directional joint that is suspect to ankle sprains.  Remember, sprains are injuries to ligaments. Ligaments connect bone to bone. Usually, an ankle injury is related to a twisting of the foot and ankle. As a matter of fact, the ligament on the outside of the ankle is probably the most […]

Endurance Benefits

Increased endurance is a result of changes in the cardiovascular, muscular and pulmonary systems. Immediate changes include: More blood flow to the muscles Increased heart rate Arterial pressure increase Increased demand and consumption of oxygen More respirations and deeper respirations The muscles have increased density of the capillary beds over The long term.  Muscles are […]

Nutrition and Exercise

Eating healthy and exercising are two of the best things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Eating from the four basic food groups plus getting plenty of fiber should be cornerstones in your diet.  Drinking adequate amounts of water should also be included in your nutrition plan. Avoiding excess fats, sugars and sodium […]


 Inactivity has become a way of life for too many people, just as heart disease has and that’s not a coincidence. Your tendency to recline on the sofa or spend hours at the computer directly contributes to the risk of heart disease by hiking your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Unfortunately, being […]

Obesity Defined

Almost 100 million Americans are obese or overweight.  What is obesity? it is a condition caused by the accumulation of excess body fat.  Obesity not only affect Americans, but it is a worldwide epidemic. Almost 40% of the people in the U.S. are obese including children.  15% of children ages 6-11 and 16% of children […]

Achilles Tendinitis RX

Achilles Tendinitis can cause severe pain while walking, jumping, running or going up on your toes. It can be caused by abnormalities in your foot, a change in your walking pattern, an injury to your calf muscle or decreased flexibility. Sometimes, Achilles Tendinitis can be caused from an ankle sprain or a knee injury.  Your […]

Benefits of Stretching

Other than preventing injury what are some other Benefits of Stretching?  Stretching can benefit you in many ways. It can provide a relaxing sensation and reduce tension and muscle spasms.  Also, stretching can help relieve the feeling of stiffness. Stretching can help reduce or resolve pain.  Many issues related to pain in the body are […]