Chronic Recurrent Ankle Sprains

Some people will experience Recurrent Ankle Sprains.  This is true especially after suffering from an Inversion Ankle Sprain.  A giving away of the ankle with pain and swelling will be noticed. Possibilities for this Recurrent Ankle Sprain are:

The involved ligament may not heal properly and may be tighter or shorter than normal.  Fatigue may result from continued stress to this tightened ligament which will promote pain and swelling.  The continued stress to this shortened ligament may cause it to rupture again.

Loss of the ability of the protective reflex of the muscles to provide stability.  Damage to a ligament may cause interference to the structure which provides a protective response.  An excessive mechanical instability of the ankle.  If multiple ligaments are injured the support necessary to maintain a proper functioning joint can be compromised causing the joint to give away.Proper strengthening, flexibility and balance activities are important to restore the integrity of the ankle joint. 

I’m Steve Taylor, Physical Therapist, of Southern Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

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Chronic Recurrent Ankle Sprains

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