A fall is defined as unintentionally coming to rest on the ground, floor or other lower level from a standing, sitting or horizontal position.  Sometimes, it is difficult getting someone to admit to a fall because they may feel they will lose control or it will be a sign of getting old.  Falls are the number one reason the elderly are admitted into assisted living facilities or nursing homes.  Balance is important to the elderly because balance is independence.  

Some of the fall risk factors listed by the CDC include:

Advanced age, muscle weakness, previous falls, gait and balance problems, poor vision, fear of falling and chronic illnesses or diseases. 

Other risk factors include;

Lack of handrails or grab bars, poor stair design, dim lighting or glare, obstacles, slippery or uneven surfaces, medications and even improper use of assistive devices.

I’m Steve Taylor, Physical Therapist of Southern Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

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