Common Ortho Causes of Low Back Pain

Acute low back pain is a sharp severe pain with recent onset.  Acute low back pain is the most frequent low back pain. Because of the lumbosacral joint position in the skeleton, It supports the body’s weight and acts as the pivot when lifting or bending.  Because of this pivoting of this joint and the fixed position of the pelvis, the lumbosacral area is a location for acute pain.  Everyday activities place stress on this area especially with lifting, bending and twisting activities.  

Acute low back pain is usually the result of a lumbosacral strain which is a stretching or tearing of the muscles, ligaments or connective tissue about the lumbosacral spine.  Muscles will spasm and mobility will be limited. Acute low back pain can be eliminated by treating the muscle spasms, understanding proper lifting, posture techniques and core strengthening.

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Common Ortho Causes of Low Back Pain

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