Various types of exercise include strength, cardiovascular Fitness and endurance, flexibility and relaxation.  Endurance involves being able to perform activities over prolonged periods of time. This is necessary for performing daily tasks like walking or going up stairs.  Endurance can be divided into two categories. Muscle Endurance and Total Body Endurance.   Muscle endurance relates to […]

Getting Out of Shape

How long does it take to get out of shape?  It depends. Generally speaking, it takes longer than you might think.  For someone who works out two to three times a week, it takes two to four weeks of inactivity for there to be a notable change in your conditioning. Regardless of your fitness level […]

Exercise Every Day

Daily exercise is essential to prevent heart disease. One of the easiest, most effective and enjoyable way to accomplish this every day is by taking a brisk, one-hour walk every morning. When you start to walk, your body taps into the built-in reserve of energy you have, which lasts for about 30 minutes. Some experts […]

Patella Subluxation

If your patella (or knee cap) dislocates and slides toward the outside of your knee you are experiencing Patella Subluxation.  This can be caused from a traumatic event or a congenital defect. You may complain of knee pain or experience the feeling of your knee giving away.  You may also have some swelling and tendon […]

Degenerative Arthritis Stiffness

Degenerative Arthritis in the neck region can lead to pain in the arm as well as the neck. Also, motion of the neck is restricted.  It is important to address the increased muscle tone associated with Degenerative Arthritis. This alone can limit range of motion and place added pressure on the cervical discs. Moist heat […]

Multidirectional Instability Causes

Surrounding soft tissues are also affected. Ligaments and muscles in the arm and shoulder region can become stretched or torn. At times, a genetic abnormality of the joint can be an underlying cause. Repetitive motions, shoulder sprains and sudden  muscle contractions can result in MDI. Individuals with below average fitness levels and ‘loose joints’ are […]

Iliotibial Band

Sometimes you may experience pain on the outside of your knee after running or walking.  This could be Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome or IT Band Syndrome. This occurs when the band of connective tissue rubs on the outside of your knee.  It is due to the tightness of the IT Band and muscles you use […]

Patella Tracking

Have you had a gradual increase in knee pain?  Is the pain located on the inside of the knee or around the kneecap?  Is the pain aggravated by walking down stairs or sitting with your knee bent?  These are signs of patella tracking problems. Your kneecap or patella tracks in a groove formed by the […]

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be described as a “kink” in the neck, stiffness or even severe and sharp pain.   This pain can spread from the base of the skull to the shoulders, the upper and even down your arm.  Neck pain can also cause headaches.  Because of this neck pain, your ability to move your […]


Sometimes you may have a pain that shoots down your leg as well as in the hip region.  You may think this pain is related to a herniated disc. Although this could be the cause, you could be experiencing Piriformis Syndrome. The Piriformis muscle is a small pear shaped muscle that runs from your sacrum […]