Motion Sickness

The body includes several systems of balance.  They are the somatosensory, vision and vestibular.  Vision plays an important part in balance.  The brain uses information from system to help with body awareness in space and the surrounding environment. Motion sickness is a condition related to the visual system.  It is caused by a mismatch of […]

Degenerative Disc Disease Management

Physical Therapy helps treat the underlying factors such as the instability of the intervertebral joints and the associated inflammation. Your physician may recommend prescription medication to provide relief. Once the pain is reduced, specific exercises and specialized physical therapy techniques are utilized to achieve lasting relief. Treatment falls into one of the following three categories: […]

Patella Tendinitis

Sometimes when you run, you may experience pain in the bottom of your patella tendon, the tendon found below your kneecap.  The pain may increase with running or jumping and can last for many months. Patella Tendonitis can also be called jumper’s knee.  Because running is a series of jumps, greater pressure is placed on […]

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Another injury associated with overtraining is Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IT Band Syndrome).  The point of discomfort is the outside of the knee. This injury is caused by repeated friction of the tendon rubbing against the outside of the knee.  This type of injury is usually noticed early on in training. IT Band Syndrome presents with: […]

Obesity and Death

More Americans are overweight than ever before. A  study published in the American Journal of Public Health suggests that obesity is more deadly than previously estimated.  The study, which examined data from 1986 to 2006, when Americans were comparatively lean, determined that as many as 18% of deaths of individuals aged 40 to 85 are […]


Various types of exercise include strength, cardiovascular Fitness and endurance, flexibility and relaxation.  Endurance involves being able to perform activities over prolonged periods of time. This is necessary for performing daily tasks like walking or going up stairs.  Endurance can be divided into two categories. Muscle Endurance and Total Body Endurance.   Muscle endurance relates to […]

Degenerative Disc Disease

The disc that are found between the vertebral bodies of the spine acts as a shock absorber.  The center of these disc has a high water content and contain a substance with the consistency of gelatin.  As the center of the disc, The Nucleus Pulposus, and the outer band, the Annulus Fibrosus, age and deteriorate the […]

Iliotibial Band

Sometimes you may experience pain on the outside of your knee after running or walking.  This could be Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome or IT Band Syndrome. This occurs when the band of connective tissue rubs on the outside of your knee.  It is due to the tightness of the IT Band and muscles you use […]


Sometimes you may have a pain that shoots down your leg as well as in the hip region.  You may think this pain is related to a herniated disc. Although this could be the cause, you could be experiencing Piriformis Syndrome. The Piriformis muscle is a small pear shaped muscle that runs from your sacrum […]

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy can affect your balance.  Peripheral Neuropathy is a failure of the nerves to carry information from the area it serves to the brain and spinal cord.  For example, the nerves responsible for providing information to and from your feet are damaged and the information about feel and movement is not communicated to the […]