Missing Steps

Have you ever been walking down steps and missed a step or couldn’t tell where the step was?  This is a common way of falling. Our body uses several systems to help maintain balance. Some of these include sensory which is vision, vestibular (your inner ear) and somatosensory.  Somatosensory refers to receptors in your muscles […]

Knee Anatomy/Ligaments

The knee is designed for both stability and mobility.  Basically, it is two different joints in one. The femur (upper leg bone) and tibia (lower leg bone) comprise one joint while the femur and patella (knee cap) comprise the second joint.  It is connected by various ligaments, tendons and cartilage.   There are four main ligaments […]

Extended Sitting Issues

A new study suggests that engaging in low intensity activities such as standing may not be enough to offset the health hazards of sitting for long periods of time. On the bright side, adding two minutes of walking each hour to your routine just might do the trick. These findings were published in the Clinical […]


Various types of exercise include strength, cardiovascular Fitness and endurance, flexibility and relaxation.  Endurance involves being able to perform activities over prolonged periods of time. This is necessary for performing daily tasks like walking or going up stairs.  Endurance can be divided into two categories. Muscle Endurance and Total Body Endurance.   Muscle endurance relates to […]


Exercise is an important item in one’s lifestyle.  When we think of exercise we usually think of running, walking or working out in a gym. Exercises are used to promote, maintain or develop: Strength Cardiovascular Fitness and Endurance Improved Movement and Flexibility Relaxation Coordination, Balance and Skill. The Body responds to the forces applied to […]

Exercise Every Day

Daily exercise is essential to prevent heart disease. One of the easiest, most effective and enjoyable way to accomplish this every day is by taking a brisk, one-hour walk every morning. When you start to walk, your body taps into the built-in reserve of energy you have, which lasts for about 30 minutes. Some experts […]


Strength is a goal that is often sought after when Participating in an Exercise program.  You may be trying to develop, maintain or improve your strength through different exercises.  Strength is simply the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to produce tension and force in one maximum effort when a specific demand is […]