Forces on Spine with Golf Swing

The modern golf swing can produce more power, but it can also result in an increased chance of injury to the spine.  There are several forces acting on the spine with the golf swing:

Compression:  This particular force can be a source of injury to the spine.  Studies have shown that in a golf swing the compressive force on the low back spine increased 8 times body weight, decreases, then increases 6 times body weight within one-half of a second.(1)

Shear force:  This force is the most damaging force applied to the spine.  The shear force rises with transition to the backswing, decreases with the downswing and peaks just after impact as the hips turn toward the target and the spine goes into maximum sidebending.(1)

Pain in the back after or during a round of golf should not be ignored.  Consulting with a healthcare provider could prevent additional injury to your back.

I’m Steve Taylor, Physical Therapist of Southern Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

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Forces on Spine with Golf Swing

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