Knee Tendinosis

Tendinosis in the knee can be defined as either quadriceps tendinosis (which involves the tendon above the kneecap) or patellar tendinosis (the tendon below the knee).  This is commonly referred to as jumper’s knee or runner’s knee. Interestingly enough, quadriceps tendinosis usually occurs in the older population while patellar tendinosis occurs in the younger population.

Tendinosis is typically an overuse injury.  You usually notice a burning pain with activity or after a prolonged time sitting with the knee bent.  Sometimes swelling is involved. You may also notice being point tender at the bottom point of the knee cap.

Rest, ice and stretching can help relieve or eliminate the symptoms.  Sometimes a brace that provides compression to disperse the forces on the patella will help.  Also, a strengthening program for your quads and other leg muscles will improve and even prevent this condition so you can participate in activities pain free.

I’m Steve Taylor, Physical Therapist of Southern Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

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Knee Tendinosis

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