Assertive Devices

Many injuries to the leg and foot require you to limit the amount of weight you put on the leg while walking.  You may be required to walk non-weight bearing where you don’t put any weight on your foot, or toe touch weight bearing where you barely put weight down, or partial weight bearing where you put some weight on your foot.  This will be determined by the doctor.

In order to limit your weight bearing on the foot and leg you will need to walk with a walking boot or knee immobilizer in some cases along with a cane, crutches or a walker.  There is a particular technique to using an assistive device to walk. A Physical Therapist can teach you to use the proper technique.

One thing that doesn’t seem natural is to use the cane in the opposite hand from the involved leg.  Also, when going up steps you lead with your good leg and when going down you lead with your bad (involved) leg.  It will take some practice to walk safely. Proper walking techniques with an assistive device will help the injured area heal and decrease pain.

I’m Physical Therapist Steve Taylor of Southern Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

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Assertive Devices

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