Hamstring Tendinitis

Sometimes you may develop a pain behind your knee.  Usually this is noticed in people that participate in endurance events like distance running.  You may experience this after a hamstring injury or foot injury when you change your walking pattern and put added pressure on the hamstring tendon.

This discomfort is usually felt in the back of the knee.  The pain is noticed in activities that involve active knee flexion(bending).  The pain may be worse with going down hills or stairs, but no pain with going up hills or stairs.  You also may experience pain while sitting cross-legged.

Ice, stretching and friction massage can benefit this type of injury.  Staying on level surfaces until symptoms resolve will also help. You will want to have a Physical Therapist evaluated your walking to include knee and foot mechanics.

I’m Steve Taylor, Physical Therapist of Southern Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

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Hamstring Tendinitis

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