Achilles Tendinitis RX

Achilles Tendinitis can cause severe pain while walking, jumping, running or going up on your toes. It can be caused by abnormalities in your foot, a change in your walking pattern, an injury to your calf muscle or decreased flexibility.

Sometimes, Achilles Tendinitis can be caused from an ankle sprain or a knee injury.  Your body tries to compensate for the injury and you change your walking pattern. A change in pattern where you simply walk with your foot turned out can promote a short Heel Cord.  This in turn will put additional stress on the Heel Cord and cause pain and inflammation.

It Is important to rest the involved leg, treat it with pain modalities and concentrate on good flexibility.  A program of strengthening exercises, Heel Cord stretching and gait and foot biomechanics supervised by a Physical Therapist will help you to alleviate Achilles Tendinitis so you can return to activities pain free.

I’m Physical Therapist Steve Taylor of Southern Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

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Achilles Tendinitis RX

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