Ankle Inversion Sprain

The ankle joint is a multi-directional joint that is suspect to ankle sprains.  Remember, sprains are injuries to ligaments. Ligaments connect bone to bone. Usually, an ankle injury is related to a twisting of the foot and ankle.

As a matter of fact, the ligament on the outside of the ankle is probably the most sprained ligament in the body.

When you twist your foot and ankle in (commonly called an inversion injury) you will feel pain on the outside of the ankle.  You may experience significant pain and swelling immediately and think you have broken your ankle. In fact, a large knot may form on the outside of the ankle because of the swelling. It can be Painful to put any weight on your ankle.

Managing the pain and swelling is very important initially.  A treatment plan involving range of motion, strengthening, pain management and control of swelling will help to overcome an ankle sprain.

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Ankle Inversion Sprain

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