Ankle Eversion Injury

When you twist your foot and ankle, you suffer an inversion sprain.  When you twist your foot out you have an eversion injury. While an inversion injury can heal within a few weeks, an eversion injury can be more involved.

When you twist your foot out you will feel pain on the inside part of your ankle.  This is a more serious injury because of the structure of the ligaments. The ligaments on the inside of the ankle are much stronger.  Because of this strength, the ligament may pull a piece of bone off the ankle. This is called an avulsion fracture.  

The ankle will be stiff, painful and will swell.  Management will be determined based on the severity of the avulsion fracture.  Range of motion, pain and swelling management , strengthening, balance and weight bearing all should be considered when recovering from this type of injury.

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Ankle Eversion Injury

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