Ankle Sprain Grades

You have rolled your ankle and it is painful and swelling.  You get it checked out and are told it is a Grade I Ankle Sprain.  What does that mean? Ankle sprains are graded as follows:

Grade I:

 Range of motion is decreased but your strength is within normal limits.  There is mild swelling and the outside of your ankle is tender when touched. There is a mild change in your walking pattern and joint integrity is not compromised.

Grade II:

 Motion is decreased and there is pain when you invert (Turn your ankle and foot in).  Swelling is mild to moderate and you are point tender on the outside of your ankle and there is increased pain with walking.

Grade III:

 There is significant swelling and the entire outside part of the ankle is tender to the touch.  Walking is very painful with a noticeable limp and The joint motion is significant.  

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Ankle Sprain Grades

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