Patella Subluxation

If your patella (or knee cap) dislocates and slides toward the outside of your knee you are experiencing Patella Subluxation.  This can be caused from a traumatic event or a congenital defect. You may complain of knee pain or experience the feeling of your knee giving away.  You may also have some swelling and tendon discomfort as well as pain when going up stairs.  

The force applied by the quad muscles draw the knee cap toward the outside of the knee may be stronger than the opposite inside or medial muscles.  This outside force can cause the knee cap to slide out of the femoral groove and cause pain.  

Exercises that involve strengthening the inside thigh muscles and stretch the hamstrings will help to promote decreased subluxation of the patella.  These exercises as well as pain modalities will help resolve the pain, keep the knee cap stable and allow you to go about your daily activities.

I’m Steve Taylor, Physical Therapist of Southern Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

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Patella Subluxation

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