Intervertebral Disc

You have heard of slipped disc, herniated disc, pinched nerve and degenerative disc disease as causes of back pain.  If there is one area related to back pain that is involved with a significant discomfort or pain it is the intervertebral disc. The intervertebral disc is a structure found between the vertebral bodies in the spine.  This disc acts as a spacer and a shock absorber for the spine. The main parts of the structure of the disc include the center and the outer band.

The center of the disc, called the nucleus fibrosis, has a high water content.  The outer band called the annulus fibrosus is a thick fibrous band.The normal healthy intervertebral disc serve a significant purpose in the total structure of the spine.  When the disc is abnormal, that is when problems occur.  

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Intervertebral Disc

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