Curves of the Back

Some curves of the back are good.  Some are not. It depends on the direction of the curve in relation to the spinal column.  When the spine curves to the side this is abnormal and is sometimes referred to as Scoliosis.  When the curves relate to the spine curving front to back this the natural curves found in a normal spine.  In fact, there should be four gentle curves forward and backward.  

In a normal spine you will have the convexity forward at the neck and lumbar regions and the concavity forward in the Thoracic and Sacral regions.  In a healthy normal spine the concavity and convexity of these curves should balance each other.

The spine attempts to keep the head and trunk in balance.  A Deformity in one area will be counteracted by a deformity in another area in the opposite direction.  This reaction is an attempt to keep the head centered over the pelvis and the trunk in an upright position.

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Curves of the Back

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